Patent pending device re-creating the use of extension ladders. "No more 40's on my truck!!!"


For many years, construction workers and the general public have found that the extension ladders that are available on the market are often not long enough to accomplish certain tasks. With the increasing trend of building larger houses and taller buildings, the use of forty-foot extension ladders has become increasingly common. Unfortunately, ladders taller than this are frequently needed but are rarely available in the work place. To overcome this impediment, a common practice among professionals is to use rope to attach a single section (fly) to an extension ladder to reach the desired length. This practice is forbidden by regulatory authorities, but in most cases these regulations only apply to companies and not individual users. This unconventional practice, however, leads customers to fear that an accident might occur on their property for which they could be held liable. Despite this, and because regulations are circumventable as people know that they cannot be cited unless they have employees, this risky practice occurs every day. To get the job done, people generally do it when nobody is around, which is probably why few people know about it.

To make this method safer, after years of research and thinking, we have created the “Pulpo Lock”, a patent-pending lock mechanism that serves as a clamping device to substitute for the ropes in a safer manner. Tests demonstrate that it is several times stronger than any rope. In fact, when properly attached, the devices themselves can support up to 1200 pounds. This is equivalent to the weight of 5 to 8 people, whereas most extension ladders are rated for no more than 400 pounds. The “Pulpo Lock”, by contrast, not only guarantees your safety and displays your professionalism, but sets your clients’ minds at ease. In fact, they will most likely not even notice the added ladder due to the Pulpo Lock’s  design. ‘Pulpo’, in Spanish, means octopus. It is made of aluminum and steel, which makes it blend with the ladder, unlike ropes which are highly noticeable. In addition to keeping your customers happy and helping you save money, time, gas, and storage space, it also protects your safety. It saves you money because it only costs a  fraction of what a 40-foot ladder would cost, which most people only use occasionally anyway. Furthermore, it saves you time because it is much faster to attach or undo the added ladder than with a rope. Along the same line, If you are a painter or construction worker, for instance, how many times when you are unable to reach a desired height do you think for alternative ways to get the job done before using the 40-foot ladder? Do you get creative and try to access the roof from a lower point or attach a brush to an extension pole? After thinking for a while, most likely and against your better judgment, you realize that there’s no other option than going to your truck and unloading the heavy ladder. It’s an annoyance, especially if you are tired or the terrain is difficult for carrying a heavy load. The PulpoLock is not only a useful way to increase the reach of a 40-foot extension ladder but it also allows you to replace it with a combination of a smaller ladder and a fly( upper section of an extension ladder) that you might already have in place..

When you start using these new ladder clamps, you will never use your tall ladders again. Do you know how much gas you waste, and how much your truck suffers mechanically from carrying a 40-foot ladder that you only use occasionally? This is the perfect solution for people just starting in the construction business and unable to afford the expensive extension ladders, or people with small vehicles or trucks that lack ladder racks. How many of you slow down when driving behind a truck that has a long ladder sticking out for fear that the ladder will fall and cause an accident? How many accidents have occurred because of this? Our ladder clamps eliminate all of that. How many times have contractors turned down jobs that require even a minimal use of a 40-foot extension ladder just because they don’t have one and it’s not worth buying one just for the occasion? Another advantage of using the Pulpo Lock is that when a tall ladder tips over, they usually bend and become useless. Trying to use a bent ladder is dangerous, because the sections are more difficult to slide and it becomes unbalanced and unstable. The combination of a smaller ladder with a fly attached with our clamps is almost impossible to bend when they fall due to the rigidity of the assemblage.

Watch the videos below to see the Pulpo Lock in action. In this video, a 24' extension ladder is quickly converted into a 30'.

Click here to see how they used to do it before to reach real high places.

ANSI test, Strength test.

Even though we highly recommend the use of the Pulpo Lock for professionals, do-it-yourselfers with construction background can use it at home when cleaning gutters or doing small jobs to save money before hiring a contractor. Most homeowners have small extension ladders, and a neighbor could easily provide the needed addition. Now, for professionals and homeowners, we provide certain recommendations that users must follow in order to use properly the Pulpo Lock.

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